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Man In A Van With A Plan Races The Black Hills Half-Mile

Hayden Gillim get his first taste of a AFT Twins half-mile on an Indian Scout FTR750

Just 45 minutes south of the insanity at the Sturgis Bike Rally is the Black Hills Speedway and the second round of racing for our人在一辆货车的计划,Hayden Gillim.After gaining some confidence from his fourth place at the Buffalo Chip TT,he was ready to swap out the TT setup on his Indian ScoutFTR750for one that is suited to the high speeds of a half-mile.

After setting up his pit,Hayden and his dad finished swapping parts on the bike,exchanging the S&S 2-into-1 exhaust for a S&S dual exhaust,removing the front brake,changing gearing,并将加权罗兰沙设计后轮改为无。约翰·康威尔(JohnCornwell)从海林斯公司(hlins)为自行车的整体安装再次提供了帮助。After everything was swapped,拧紧并重新检查,海登开始练习。当时的路面非常好,海登以23.104秒的速度跑了第六圈。



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Hayden continued to make changes to get more out of the FTR750.He was enjoying the chance to let the Indian eat on a bigger and faster track.

"It's like riding a 450 on a short track,"Hayden said.

在热赛中,Hayden continued with great times,but four laps in he cooked his rear brakes,forcing him to slow and limp the FTR into 12th place going into the semis.

在更换制动器和进行一些悬架更换后,海登冲向半决赛,在那里他再次挣扎,battling near the back and placing ninth—the last position who would transfer into the main event.不畏惧,Hayden lined up alongside the top flat-track racers in the world on his first half-mile main event in the AFT Twins class.

当骑手介绍开始时,Hayden realized the banjo bolt on the rear brake caliper had worked itself loose,pumping out brake fluid.弗兰基·吉利姆很快就解决了这个问题,跑回了维修站去拿工具和液体。With speed and efficiency that would make a F1 pit crew jealous,弗兰基拧紧了螺栓,pulled fluid through the rear brake system,确保海登的唯一刹车准备好了。

Hayden Gillim

Gillim looks ahead to the Peoria TT and his best chance for a win on the Indian Scout FTR750.

Nik Wogen

Hayden Gillim and his Indian Scout FTR750

Gillim is pumped on the Indian Scout FTR750,can you tell?

Nik Wogen

Hayden made it to the line in time for the start,and when the flag dropped,he missed the jump from the line and lost a handful of positions.He battled and fought through the grueling 25-lap race,dicing in some heated battles with Jake Shoemaker and Henry Wiles.At the end of the 25th lap,Hayden crossed the line in 12th place,pleased with the result at his first-ever half-mile race.当货车被打包时,our Man in a Van with a Plan looked ahead to the Peoria TT and the promise of fighting for a podium position if not the win.