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Fabio Quartararo



即使是多娜,也很容易与现实失去联系,摩托权利持有人,changes the rules so that you can enter the World Championship one year earlier than the minimum age requirement.This happened to Frenchman Fabio Quartararo who,aged just 15,joined the Moto3 World Championship after having won the FIM CEV Championship in Spain for two consecutive years,in 2013 and 2014.

Acclaimed as the "new马克·M·拉奎兹”,Quartararo had to deal with astronomical pressure before even learning how the new class worked.It was not an easy task,但这孩子似乎适应得很快,他在第二场比赛中就登上了领奖台。他在阿森重申,在赫雷斯和勒芒夺冠后,but unfortunately a late-season ankle injury halted his progress.Quartararo在第二年更换了球队,但结果与预期不符,那年13号结束。The rising star also didn't shine when he moved up to Moto2 in 2017 with 13th yet again.

With only one GP win under his belt (Barcelona 2018),the choice of the 20-year-old rider by Petronas Yamaha SRT to compete alongside Franco Morbidelli raised doubts.Despite joining MotoGP after three difficult years,the pressure to deliver was instant—at least to disprove those who already saw him as a meteor instead of a rising star.

Considering Quartararo's young age and limited experience,小组把他抓了起来。“我们从基础开始,向他解释我们在自行车上做的每一个动作,and proceeding step by step so that he could start to understand and feel the setup changes and become more and more sensitive to the bike,"his chief mechanic Diego Gubellini states.法比奥给我留下了深刻的印象。He always tries to adapt to the bike,and not the other way round.如果圈速不到,他问,“我能做些什么来改进?”这是冠军的必胜态度。其次,他是个赛车手。He is very lucid and focused throughout the race.I realized it from the precision and the details he explains afterward in the briefings."


Chief mechanic Diego Gubellini says Quartararo has the attitude of a champion with precision and detail.


这一突破在西班牙实现,在20年14天的时间里,Quartararo成为了有史以来最年轻的顶级车手,获得了杆位。a record that used to belong to Honda's seven-time world champion Marc Márquez.Is this a sign of fate?

“非常令人兴奋,但我不能和马克·M·拉奎兹相比,the French rookie said with a hint of embarrassment."It is very exciting,这当然是一个动机。Marc is the reference in MotoGP.He has something more than the others,所以设定一个更快的圈速是不可思议的。The team did an incredible job.我对雅马哈有一种很好的感觉,and since November we made very small changes on the bike.我只需要学习和积累经验。”





With the MotoGP circus heading to Le Mans this week,人们对这位神童的期望很高,在一个技术问题上骑马救赎,这使他无法参加自己的生活。毫无疑问,在雅马哈经常获胜的赛道上,主队每圈都会在他身后。法国球迷,从他小时候在西班牙参加比赛开始就一直追随他的职业生涯,will be on his side,让同胞约翰扎尔科黯然失色,他在切换到KTM后深陷危机。

法比奥准备在法国抢走头条。Gubellini reveals.他轻松的态度没有表现出紧张的迹象。As usual,他将进入车库,用他们自己的语言向机修工问好,像他这样年纪的孩子,做着他一生中最喜欢做的事,很有趣。”

在车库里开会的时候,他回来玩游戏机。Blessed youth!


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